Do Yourself a Favor: Stop Eating So Fast

Are you always eating on the fly? Many of us are extremely busy these days and when we’re running behind, it can be very easy to just rush through meals. That may save you time, but it’s a bad idea when all is said and done.


Gas can be very embarrassing, but also extremely uncomfortable. Do you find yourself feeling painfully bloated after a meal? If so, you are probably eating too quickly and inhaling excessive oxygen. That air then becomes trapped, leading to flatulence and/or bloating. You decide which is worse: taking a few minutes longer to eat or hours of dealing with the uncomfortable effects of gas?

Eating Slower = Eating Less

Believe it or not, if you slow down, you will actually eat less. If you rush through a meal, you can finish so quickly, your brain and stomach don’t have time to let you know they are full. That can lead to weight gain, something no one wants.

Give Your Stomach a Break

Pounding through a meal can not only lead to gas, it’s also just plain hard on your stomach. If you take your time and thoroughly chew your food, there is less chance of painful annoyances like acid indigestion. Take smaller bites and just ssssllllloooowwww ddddoooowwwwnnnn.

Look at it this way: if you enjoy something, why not have it last even longer? You might spend all day thinking about an exquisite dessert, but if you just woof it down in a minute flat, the pleasure will not have lived up to your anticipation. Why not prolong that wonderful taste for at least ten minutes? That way, you are more likely to benefit from the experience and look back on it with fondness? You are also less likely to want a second piece (and all of the calories that go with it).

Hey Guys, Clean Up Your Act!

In one of the great inequalities of life, men are not held to the same appearance standards as women. Oh, some do take great pride in the way they look and take steps every morning to ensure that everything is in place. Unfortunately, many do not and guys, you’re really letting down the side. As men, we need to up our game and try harder to present an exterior that, if not perfect, is at least presentable.

The first step is ensure that you practice basic hygiene. Follow these steps every day:

Wear Deodorant

We recognize that the rugged appeal of men can lie in their musk, but more often than not, you just plain stink.  If your job involves a great deal of physical activity, then you can really develop an unpleasant odor. Just because you don’t smell it doesn’t mean other people aren’t suffering.

Be sure to apply a dependable deodorant every morning. If you like to wear dark colored shirts, watch out for ones that leave you with white stains in your armpit area. Make sure to also do your laundry regularly.

Trim That Excess Hair

We’re not talking about the hair on your head here. We mean the strands sticking out of your nostrils and ears (for some older guys, it can even be growing on your ears). Buy a trimmer and check those areas daily for spots where hair shouldn’t be found.

Bad Breath

Like armpit odor, we are often not even aware that our breath is offensive. This can be especially true if we smoke. Be sure to gargle with mouthwash each morning and, for back-up, carry some mints on your person. It also helps to brush your teeth first thing in the morning and after every meal.


Have you ever blanched when standing near a woman who is wearing too much perfume? The same holds true for guys and cologne. Too much is…too much.


Ever notice white flakes on your shirt? This can be a sign of dandruff and it’s especially troublesome for people who prefer their clothes on the darker side. Using a dandruff shampoo regularly can help keep this under control.