Mostly companies especially the big ones required candidates or their employees to undergo medical examination procedures. This is to ensure that every applicant that they will soon to hire and employees they already have are of sound physical health to handle the job or they can perform at their best. The exam may include drug, psychological tests or more. Whatever is necessary that the applicant or employee needs. Doctors or medical institutions handling your examination are not permitted to disclose clinical information to your potential employer without your permission. This is called doctor and patient confidentiality but some job requirements could force them to do so for the safety of your co-workers or public health purposes.

A medical exam helped employers to decide which workers qualifies to be hire or continue the job. They should pass the physical fitness and health requirements to be able to perform well. As an applicant, you must undergo to a medical test that will define whether your heart, lungs, eyes, ears and limbs are healthy and some company will let you have test for drugs and alcohol. All this test is for everybody’s safety.


To pass the medical examination procedures, you need to be healthy and fit workforce, you pass the psychological stability exam and you do not have underlying mental problems. The other one is workplace safety. Applicants or employees need to pass the drug and alcohol test and usually the test is accompanied by the medical testing for marijuana. This test is very important because if you have a free drug and alcohol workplace, it will decrease negligence that may result in injuries and death. Lastly is the public health protection. Employers are allowed to reject applicants who are suffering from infectious diseases. All the medical examination process must be performed by a licensed professional.