Most of try our best to always be polite (and, if you’re Canadian, prepared to be teased about it), but may not always provide that level of consideration to all aspects of our life. One place where we should definitely think about our manners is work. No matter what you do, having a pleasant, helpful, and professional attitude can be a major asset both to your career and your interactions with fellow workers.

Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

You probably heard that one from your mom as a child; well, it still holds true for you as an adult. We all have bad days (and nights) and it can be tough not to bring that with you to the office. However, it is important to separate your personal and work lives as much as possible. When you are on company time, your attitude and behavior must reflect the organization’s values and mission statement.

Drop the Bullying Attitude

Some supervisors feel that they command more respect by being intimidating and rude. What they don’t realize is that while this approach might get results in the moment, it forever tarnishes their working relationships. The person(s) on the receiving end of the abuse will not respect their tormentor; they may even start coming up with ways to undermine them.

A Respectful Workplace is An Efficient Workplace

Treating your co-workers and supervisor with respect is not only decent behavior, but can also increase everyone’s efficiency. Knowing that the person you work with respects both you and your efforts can help instill a level of confidence; you know that will have a good collaboration based on mutual trust. Displaying basic courtesy as a regular act will also be noticed by clients who visit the office and have the right to expect such treatment themselves.