If you write regularly, either on a professional or enthusiast level, you probably roll your eyes when hearing about those scribes who turn out content by the pound. Unencumbered by distraction or writer’s block, they produce page after page, hitting every deadline and creating work that draws favorable feedback.

Staying focused when writing can be quite difficult. There are a million distractions, thanks to technology and other factors, no matter where you choose to work. Here are some strategies that can help you reduce those issues and produce the quality content you need when you need it completed.

Hold Off on Research

Research can take time, even with the miracle of the internet. Yes, Google will allow you to find out every fact under the sun, but you must also navigate your way through a million and one possible distractions that eat up your time. Every go to look up “SEO tricks” only to find, 20 minutes later, that you have somehow landed on YouTube watching a video that has nothing to do with that topic?

The best solution here is to leave the research portion of your work for last. Do everything else you can and then come back to it. This will allow you to maintain the rhythm and flow that develops when a writer is producing at his or her best.

Reduce Electronic Distractions

If you must use the internet, turn off all instant messaging and other programs that produce alerts and notifications. Before you start working, turn off everything that could possibly cause you to lose your train of thought.

No Multitasking

The ability to multitask was something that people used to brag about. Now we know that while it is entirely possible to do several things at once, the quality of your overall work suffers because you cannot devote yourself fully to one thing at a time. That is essential when creating content, so adjust your schedule so that your writing time allows you to fully concentrate on that one important thing.