Do Yourself a Favor: Stop Eating So Fast

Are you always eating on the fly? Many of us are extremely busy these days and when we’re running behind, it can be very easy to just rush through meals. That may save you time, but it’s a bad idea when all is said and done.


Gas can be very embarrassing, but also extremely uncomfortable. Do you find yourself feeling painfully bloated after a meal? If so, you are probably eating too quickly and inhaling excessive oxygen. That air then becomes trapped, leading to flatulence and/or bloating. You decide which is worse: taking a few minutes longer to eat or hours of dealing with the uncomfortable effects of gas?

Eating Slower = Eating Less

Believe it or not, if you slow down, you will actually eat less. If you rush through a meal, you can finish so quickly, your brain and stomach don’t have time to let you know they are full. That can lead to weight gain, something no one wants.

Give Your Stomach a Break

Pounding through a meal can not only lead to gas, it’s also just plain hard on your stomach. If you take your time and thoroughly chew your food, there is less chance of painful annoyances like acid indigestion. Take smaller bites and just ssssllllloooowwww ddddoooowwwwnnnn.

Look at it this way: if you enjoy something, why not have it last even longer? You might spend all day thinking about an exquisite dessert, but if you just woof it down in a minute flat, the pleasure will not have lived up to your anticipation. Why not prolong that wonderful taste for at least ten minutes? That way, you are more likely to benefit from the experience and look back on it with fondness? You are also less likely to want a second piece (and all of the calories that go with it).

Why is Breakfast So Important?

We’ve all done it: we’re running late in the morning and decide to save time by skipping breakfast. Ever since childhood you have probably heard about the importance of breakfast, but is that really true? As it turns out, yes, it is very true. Here are some of the reasons why you should always make time for breakfast in your day:

Brain Food

Breakfast not only provides energy for your body, but it is also fuel for your mind. While many people rely on coffee for that early morning brain boost, a proper breakfast is actually more effective at getting your creative juices flowing. Need your memory and concentration levels to be at their peak tomorrow? Starting the day off with a balanced breakfast is an excellent way of ensuring that.

Lose Weight

People snack for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are hungry. If you eat proper meals at regular intervals, you are less likely to snack because your body feels full. Eating may seem like an odd way to lose weight, but if you do so properly, it can be one of the key factors.

Gets Your Body Moving

If you eat breakfast, your body gets the boost it needs to get you moving. People who skip that first meal of the day are less likely to be active in the early part of the day. That will not only slow you down, but also possibly lead to weight gain.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Related to some of the above points, breakfast can improve your chances of long term health. Diabetes is currently a major problem in this part of the world and often results from snacking and lack of exercise. Eating breakfast helps to ensure that you have the proper nutritional balance and energy level to be up and moving throughout the day.