Easy Ways to Help Stay Sharp

When we are young and doing well in school, everything seems possible. As we age, it becomes more difficult to learn and retain things. Fortunately, there are ways to help slow down this decline and they are pretty easy to implement.

Eat good foods and limit alcohol

People often rely on caffeine and sugar to get themselves going in the morning or keep themselves going until the end of the day. The problem is that elevated sugar levels in your body are not only bad for your health, they negatively impact your memory. Where does caffeine come into play? In coffee and tea (which usually have sugar) and soft drinks (which are loaded with sugar).

Alcohol is a common form of relaxation for many. However, every time you take a drink, you are killing your brain cells. A few drinks on one night my might not make a difference, but think about how many brain cells are being destroyed over the years from drinking. Your ability to absorb new information and keep it suffer every time you have alcohol. Adult beverages are fine in moderation, but if you are really concerned about your brain cells, you should stop having them entirely.


We all know how good exercises for a body, but it also really helps our mind, too. Regular physical activity makes you more alert and energized and, thus, better able to learn and retain new things.

Social time with friends and family

We all like to spend some time alone and solitary activities can be good to help us recharge. Ultimately, though, the human mind benefits most from regular socialization. When you are with other people, your brain cannot help but benefit from conversation, games, and other activities that involve thinking and planning. So make sure that you are a social butterfly a few times every week.